What the frick is ragraider?

May 11, 2016 3:30 pm

Oh, hi there! Glad you could make it. I think I like you already. You’ve got your ear to the ground and always keen to know the next big thing, right? Well, while keeping an air of mystery for the time being (because there are creeps everywhere), here’s a bit about us to whet your appetite…


There once was a gal who had a problem. Well actually she had about 99 problems, but let’s just focus on this one for now. She had not a damn thing to wear to that wedding the following week. Well actually, she had an overflowing wardrobe, but you know how it is…

Anyway, as she was standing in front of the mirror perplexed at the thought of wearing that same Zimmerman dress again, an idea came crashing down on her like a thunderbolt from the heavens above. She often got crazy ideas, but this one… well, it refused to go away.

And so after some months of scribbling ideas and plans in her secret notepad (and after being exposed to one too many inspirational quotes on Instagram), she finally had the gumption to try and turn it into a reality.

She recruited a couple of clever lads she’d come across in her travels and together, they squirreled away to create something that they thought would solve a problem for many a lady – and be pretty dang cool. At times, it felt like their brains might explode and there were many nights and weekends where only Twisties, pizza and beers could get them through. But now they’re ALMOST at the end…

Can I stop talking in the 3rd person now? It feels kinda awkward… Okay, thanks.

Now we need YOU! We want to get our first lot of users on board who can help test and shape the final product we launch with.

So, what you reckon? You in? If you want to be on board from the beginning, help a sista out and join our email list* so we can keep you in the loop and get your extremely, super important feedback.

Peace out xx
Team Ragraider


* Spam sucks so we promise it won’t be often and it’ll be rad.